To All-Inclusive or Not To All-Inclusive – This is the Question

Versalles Garden Sunset 2014

More and more Meeting Planners and end users are warming up to the idea of All-Inclusive group travel programs.  All-Inclusive packages allow Planners to operate with an accurate budget right from the beginning of the hotel scouting process.  Hotels are facilitating this transition from European Plan to All-Inclusive by providing a high-end experience with All-Inclusive value.

The concerns of product quality received and possible negative perception of attendees is quickly dissipating.  How you ask?  According to Jayson Stirrup, Sales Manager at Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort, “clients are intrigued by All-Inclusive alternatives offered by European Plan Resorts they’ve previously enjoyed.  More and more Resorts are becoming hybrid properties offering both European Plan and All-Inclusive packages.  A client considering All-Inclusive at a property they’ve used and enjoyed in the past with an European Plan allows for greater confidence in the product received and virtually eliminates the possible negative perception their guests may have of their overall Resort experience leading up to the program dates.”

With an array of options available, it’s important to compare apples with apples when considering All-Inclusive versus European Plan.  Here are 10 questions any savvy Planner should ask when considering an All-Inclusive package:

  1. All-Inclusive benefits start and end with what meals of the day?
  2. Are there additional charges associated with private, banquet events?
  3. What surcharges might be encountered with staffing?
  4. Are any restaurants or menu items not available to All-Inclusive package guests?
  5. What are the start and end times for the beverage plan?
  6. Are staff gratuities included in the quoted rates?
  7. How extensive is the All-Inclusive Banquets Kit?
  8. What activities are included to group attendees?
  9. Are attrition and cancellation policies based on the full All-Inclusive rates?
  10. Are deposits based on the full All-Inclusive rates?

Will you consider an all-inclusive trip the next time you travel?


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