Destination Research

It can be stressful finding the perfect destination for your program! Browsing website after website, writing note after note, and then organizing all your information in one place to finally make a decision is a challenge.  At CRI Meetings, we would like to help you through this process and prevent you from pulling out your hair! We are up-to-date with the modern, trending hotels, the newest venues, and the liveliest entertainment. This allows us to find the destination for your program that will WOW your attendees!

Los Angeles or Chicago? Dallas or Denver? Many factors contribute to the destination selection process. CRI Meetings provides a comprehensive analysis including factors which impact ROI:

  • Sales and room tax
  • Air lift and resort fees
  • Transportation cost and desirability

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Consider this scenario:

Your group has a 300 room per night event at $250/per room.   City A has an 11% occupancy tax.  City B has a 15% occupancy tax.

If you chose City A:  Your occupancy tax on all rooms will total approximately $8250

If you chose City B:  Your occupancy tax on all rooms will total approximately $11,250

So by simply choosing the city with the lower tax rate, you save your group $3000 up front!

Here is another scenario:

Your group has 300 people needing transportation to and from the hotel/resort

City A charges $15/person which would total approximately $4500

City B charges $75/person which would total approximately $22500

By choosing City A – you are saving your group $18,000 on transportation costs alone. 

CRI Meetings takes the time to research figures like those above to help your group pick the destination best suited for your needs and your budget. 

In today’s market each and every dollar spent is under scrutiny. Each dollar saved represents additional value for the meeting professional and the company or association. We realize you have many jobs to do. We can help make your decisions easy  by providing the necessary research which allows you to make the selection which is right for you!